Lesson 1. Get ready, get set, Go

After reading lesson 1, you’ll be able to

  • Know what sets Go apart
  • Visit the Go Playground
  • Print text to the screen
  • Experiment with text in any natural language

Go is the contemporary programming language of cloud computing. Amazon, Apple, Canonical, Chevron, Disney, Facebook, General Electric, Google, Heroku, Microsoft, Twitch, Verizon, and Walmart are among the companies adopting Go for serious projects (see thenewstack.io/who-is-the-go-developer/ and golang.org/wiki/GoUsers). Much of the infrastructure underlying the web is shifting to Go, driven by companies like CloudFlare, Cockroach Labs, DigitalOcean, Docker, InfluxData, Iron.io, Let’s Encrypt, Light Code Labs, Red Hat CoreOS, SendGrid, and organizations ...

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