Lesson 1. Getting started with Haskell

After reading lesson 1, you’ll be able to

  • Install tools for Haskell development
  • Use GHC and GHCi
  • Use tips for writing Haskell programs

1.1. Welcome to Haskell

Before you dive into learning Haskell, you need to become familiar with the basic tools you’ll be using on your journey. This lesson walks you through getting started with Haskell. The lesson starts with downloading the basics to write, compile, and run Haskell programs. You’ll then look at example code and start thinking about how to write code in Haskell. After this lesson, you’ll be ready to dive in!

1.1.1. The Haskell Platform

The worst part of learning a new programming language is getting your development environment set up for the first ...

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