Why can’t you achieve the goals you set?

Got goals?

Millions of words have been written about goals. I’ve written thousands of them. Ninety-nine percent of the words focus on “how-to” set and achieve them in one form or another. Books, articles, videos, seminars, online courses, and of course, classic classroom learning.

Everyone sets goals. Some people set them on their own – others have them set for them (sales goals, sales plans, sales quotas). Some people make elaborate game plans for goal achievement, others write them down in their day planner, others just cut out a picture from a magazine depicting something they wish they had, but don’t (car, boat, house, vacation).

Me? I post my goals on my bathroom mirror. In plain sight.

Many passé seminar leaders and motivational speakers claim, “Less than four percent of all people set goals.” Baloney. Everyone has a goal, or many goals. If you’re looking for a category that fits the four percent number, it’s the people that actually achieve the goals they set.

Ever set a goal you failed to achieve?Ever stop in the middle of a goal?Ever fall back to your old ways?Ever miss your sales goals?Of course you have. Everyone has.Want to know why?

Goals and intentions are linked. Intentions actually precede goal setting. If you fall short of intention, you will not likely achieve the goal you set. What a simple, powerful concept. And, what a truth.

Goals or intentions – which are more powerful? What are your intentions? What do ...

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