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Get the Image You Want: Essential Photoshop Editing Techniques

Book Description

Creating great photographic images doesn't stop with perfecting your shooting techniques. Once you have your photo in digital form, you can take it to the next level with image editing tools like Photoshop. While other Photoshop books go from feature to feature, explaining every little detail of this expansive program, this book is separated into eight chapters that deal with the main aspects of working with images in Photoshsop. This way, you can keep the book next to your workspace and reach for it whenever you need the perfect solution to an image-editing problem. Readers will start with learning basic image editing concepts, such as importing files, correcting color and tone, cropping images, and using masks and filters. Also included is a problem/solution section at the end of each chapter, containing specific techniques and streamlined fixes that you can apply to the most common image-editing challenges. Along the way, this full-color, gorgeously illustrated book offers practical help and hundreds of creative ideas. Targeted at the serious beginner, this four-color reference book teaches core Photoshop and digital imaging concepts at an affordable price and an accessible page count.

Table of Contents

  1. Copyright
  2. Foreword
  3. Introduction
  4. Color and Tonal Corrections1
    1. Color Correction
      1. Improve the color in your images with Curves
      2. Adjust hue and saturation to selectively colorize an image
      3. Correct color with the Variations command
      4. Keep colors consistent with the Match Color command
      5. Correct color with the Color Replacement tool
      6. Change color with Replace Color
      7. Problem : Solution Use the Levels command to correct color casts
      8. Problem : Solution Mellow oversaturated colors
    2. Tonal Correction
      1. Determine tonal quality by reading a histogram
      2. Use Auto Contrast to automatically correct an image
      3. Add missing detail to your images
      4. Improve tonal range with the Shadow/Highlight command
      5. Correct exposure problems with dodging and burning
      6. Problem : Solution Restore underexposed shadow detail
      7. Problem : Solution Restore overexposed photos
  5. Essential Image Editing Fixes
    1. Noise and sharpening
      1. Add noise with the Add Noise filter
      2. Use blending modes to fix digital noise
      3. Keep your digital images noise free
      4. Boost clarity with the Unsharp Mask filter
      5. Problem : Solution Remove noise with Lab color
      6. Work in the lab
      7. Problem : Solution Use a brush with the Unsharp Mask filter
    2. Retouching Techniques
      1. Correct imperfections in digital photos with the Healing Brush
      2. Repair and edit your images with the Patch tool
      3. Clean up color problems with the Sponge tool
      4. Fix flawed architectural images
      5. Problem : Solution Eliminate skin flaws
      6. Problem : Solution Restore color to underexposed areas
      7. Problem : Solution Remove lines and wrinkles
    3. Optimization and sizing
      1. Choose the best file formats for the web
      2. Optimize your images to get the best web results
      3. Adjust JPEG web quality with the Modify Quality Setting command
      4. Make precise cropping selections using guides
      5. Optimize your images for use in Microsoft PowerPoint
      6. Problem : Solution Improve blurring in compressed web images
      7. Problem : Solution Improve resampled images for print
  6. Image Manipulation and Alteration
    1. Artistic Approaches
      1. Burn the edges of your photos to add mood
      2. Paint gradual tones with the Airbrush option
      3. Create convincing reflections
      4. Control visual focus with the Gradient tool
      5. Combine images with the Extract command
      6. Enhance your images with well-placed light
      7. Problem : Solution Remove a complex image from its background
      8. Problem : Solution Remove an object from a photo
    2. Filters
      1. Using the Filter Gallery
      2. Combining filter layers
      3. Filter your portraits
      4. Adjust the image for tonal quality
      5. Add texture with simulated film grain
      6. Problem : Solution Correct color casts
      7. Problem : Solution Modify facial features
    3. Masks
      1. Use Quick Mask mode to make a selection
      2. Create vignettes with layer masks
      3. Cut out parts of images with layer masks
      4. Editing with vector masks
      5. Problem : Solution Fix accidental silhouettes
      6. Problem : Solution Restore lost highlight detail
  7. Glossary
  8. Appendix
    1. Photoshop CS keyboard shortcuts
  9. Index