Get The Job You Want, Even When No One's Hiring: Take Charge of Your Career, Find a Job You Love, and Earn What You Deserve

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Get the Job You Want, Even When No One’s Hiring

You CAN find a good job in a bad economy – but NOT with conventional search strategies.

New Rules for a New Reality

Today’s job market is the toughest in recent history, and the challenges are here to stay. Even so, you CAN get the job you want – IF you discard conventional approaches to the search. Get the Job You Want, Even When No One’s Hiring is the ONLY career book that:

  • Explains the special strategies necessary to land a job during an economic crisis

  • Integrates comprehensive, practical guidance on both job search and career management

  • Provides an extensive online “Job Search Survival Toolkit” to augment the book 

  • Addresses the realities of this job market with real-world, actionable steps

  • Positions this downturn in the economy as a positive opportunity to develop a much better career

In Get the Job You Want, Even When No One’s Hiring, career expert Ford R. Myers maps the new world of job search and reveals essential strategies for your success. You’ll learn how to seize opportunities that aren’t posted yet … how to make yourself an instant asset to potential employers … how to clearly stand-out as the best candidate ... and how to leverage social media, blogs, and other Web tools.

Best of all, you’ll learn how to “recession-proof” your career for the long term. Can YOU Get the Job You Want, Even When No One’s Hiring? With this powerful new book – YES, you can!

Table of contents

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  4. I. The Psychology of Job Hunting in a Down Market
    1. 1. Yes, The Job Market Is Bad—Really Bad!
    2. 2. It's Okay to Feel Frustrated, Depressed, Afraid, Helpless, or Disoriented
    3. 3. This Has Happened Before, and It Will Happen Again
    4. 4. Why Your Chances Are Better Than You Think
    5. 5. The Number-One Secret to Job Search Success
    6. 6. Tough Times Highlight the Difference Between Your Job and Your Career
    7. 7. Most Job-Hunting Advice Doesn't Apply in a World Turned Upside Down
    8. 8. You Can't Stop the Storm, So Learn to Work in the Rain
    9. 9. How You Can Get a Better Job Faster When Times Are Tough
    10. 10. When No One's Hiring, Focus and Clarity Are More Important Than Ever
    11. 11. Your Attitude and Assumptions Will Dictate Your Career Fate
    12. 12. Seven Truths of Career Success, for Both Good Times and Bad
      1. 12.1. The Most Qualified Candidate Does Not Necessarily Get the Job Offer
      2. 12.2. The Best Time to Work on Your Career Is When Your Job Is Secure
      3. 12.3. Graduating from School Is the Beginning of Your Education, Not the End
      4. 12.4. An Employer's First Offer Is Never Its Best Offer
      5. 12.5. Always Research and Be Plugged In to the Competition
      6. 12.6. Networking Is Not as Important as You Think It Is
      7. 12.7. If You re Not Managing Your Career, Nobody Is!
    13. 13. How Employers React When There Are More Workers Than Jobs
    14. 14. Twenty Habits of Highly Effective Job Seekers in a Down Market
    15. 15. Hidden Sources of Career Support, Information, and Advice
  5. II. From Desperation to Career Strategies for Tough Times
    1. 16. What Do You Really Want to be Doing When the Economy Turns Around?
    2. 17. The Pay My Bills Strategy
    3. 18. Why You Can't Afford Not to Have a Strategic Plan
    4. 19. In a Bad Job Market, You Must Work Backward to Reach Your Goals
    5. 20. Career Success Is an Inside Job
    6. 21. The Start at the Beginning Strategy
    7. 22. The Dream Job Strategy
    8. 23. The Ideal Workday Strategy
    9. 24. The Stepping Stone Strategy
    10. 25. From Exploration to Execution
    11. 26. Excellent Tools to Help You Get a Job When No One's Hiring
    12. 27. Narrowing Your Choices Is Easier Than You Think
    13. 28. The Employer Wish List Strategy
    14. 29. You Must Be Crystal Clear on Your Perfect Job Before It Can Become a Reality
  6. III. Leveraging Your Core Job Seeker Materials
    1. 30. The Best Tools Get the Best Jobs, Especially in a Down Market
    2. 31. Surprise: Your Resume Is Your Least Important Tool
    3. 32. Survival of the Fittest Is the Law of the Job Search Jungle
    4. 33. Accomplishment Stories Are Your Most Powerful Selling Tools
    5. 34. Verbal Presentations: What to Say and How to Say It
      1. 34.1. Here's What You'll Need:
      2. 34.2. Guidelines for Your Positioning Statement
      3. 34.3. Guidelines for Your Departure Statement
    6. 35. Your Professional Biography Will Be Your Most Frequently Used Tool
    7. 36. Developing a Target Company List Builds Your Momentum and Focus
      1. 36.1. Here are Some Sources to Begin Researching Your Target Companies:
    8. 37. Deploy an Army of People Who Can Help You: Build Your Contact List
    9. 38. Professional References Help You Prove You're the Real Deal
      1. 38.1. Here's How to Create Your List of Professional References and Generate Your Letters of Recommendation:
    10. 39. Letters of Recommendation Demonstrate Your Bottom-Line Value
      1. 39.1. Letter Outline with Examples
      2. 39.2. Telephone References: Whom to Ask and How to Ask
  7. IV. Job Search Tactics to Use When No One's Hiring
    1. 40. Networking Is Not Part of Your Job Search— Networking Is Your Job Search
    2. 41. Great Networkers Are Not Great Talkers; They're Great Listeners
    3. 42. Never "Wing it" When You're Networking-Use an Agenda
    4. 43. Meeting with Hiring Managers Is Your Number-One Speed Advantage
      1. 43.1. Networking Tips for a Tight Job Market
    5. 44. Masters of Networking Use a Networking Script
    6. 45. When No One's Hiring, the Best Way to Get a Job Is Not to Look for a Job
    7. 46. Tracking Your Networking Is as Important as the Networking Itself
    8. 47. The Networking Mini-Newsletter Helps You Stand Out When No One's Hiring
    9. 48. The Number-One Way to Get Hired When No One's Hiring
    10. 49. Create Your Online Career Identity—Blogs, Personal Web Site, and Social Media
    11. 50. Beyond Making the Most of the Web When No One's Hiring
    12. 51. An Outstanding Resume Is Not Difficult to Create—If You Know the Code
    13. 52. You Can Package a Strong Resume in Many Formats
    14. 53. How to Use a Resume Addendum
    15. 54. The Most Obvious Ways to Find a Job Are Usually the Biggest Wastes of Time
    16. 55. Write Your Own Book on Career Success
    17. 56. Every Company Is Hiring All the Time, Even in a Down Economy
    18. 57. A Strong Cover Letter Is Designed to Get You an Interview
    19. 58. Cover Letters That Open Doors for Any Situation
      1. 58.1. Rules of Thumb for a Well-Written Cover Letter
      2. 58.2. Master the Three Basic Parts of a Cover Letter
      3. 58.3. The Perfect Match Cover Letter Gets the Best Results
    20. 59. Recruiters Are Not in Business to Help You
      1. 59.1. Employment Agencies That Charge You a Fee
      2. 59.2. Contingency-Fee Recruiters
      3. 59.3. Retained Executive Search Firms
    21. 60. Interviewing: Psychology, Strategies, Tactics, and Practice
      1. 60.1. Types of Interviews
    22. 61. Interviewing Survival Guide for When No One's Hiring
      1. 61.1. Follow-Up Steps after the Interview
    23. 62. Seal the Deal with Testimonials
    24. 63. Negotiation: The Rules of the Game Work in Any Economy
    25. 64. Don't Be Afraid to Negotiate in a Down Market—Be Afraid Not to
    26. 65. Twenty-One Rules of the Negotiating Game (No Matter How Bad the Job Market Is)
    27. 66. The Simplest Formula for Negotiating Success
    28. 67. Salary Negotiation Made Simple: What to Say and How to Say It
      1. 67.1. How to Handle First-Round Negotiations (Before the Offer)
      2. 67.2. How to Handle First-Round Negotiations (After the Offer)
      3. 67.3. How to Handle Second-Round Negotiations
      4. 67.4. Know Exactly What You Need and Exactly What You Want
    29. 68. Everything Is Negotiable—Yes, Everything
      1. 68.1. Establish the Real Value of an Offer
        1. 68.1.1. Sample: Real Value of an Offer Form (Downloadable)
    30. 69. The Number-One Most Important Salary Negotiating Fact
      1. 69.1. Look Beyond the Money
    31. 70. Comparing, Accepting, and Rejecting Offers
    32. 71. Congratulations! You Got the Job (Even When No One Was Hiring)
  8. V. Bulletproof Your Career, Once and for All
    1. 72. Landing Your Job Is Not the End—It's the Beginning
    2. 73. Celebrate Your New Job
    3. 74. How to Avoid Winding Up on the Street Again
    4. 75. Perpetual Career Management Is Your Insurance Policy
    5. 76. Learn from the Past, Build Toward the Future
    6. 77. The First 90 Days Make All the Difference
    7. 78. Relationships Keep You Moving Up in a Down Economy
    8. 79. Establish a Reputation for Producing Tangible Results
    9. 80. Communicate, Communicate, Communicate—Then Deliver the Goods
    10. 81. Review and Fine-Tune Your Job Description with Your Manager
    11. 82. Maintain a Healthy Balance Between Your Work and Private Life
    12. 83. Never Feel Helpless Again — No Matter How Bad the Job Market Gets
    1. Thirty-Seven Strategies, Tips, Ideas, and Reminders for When No One's Hiring
    2. List of Great Web Sites to Assist in Your Job Search (Available Online)
      1. Senior Executive Opportunities, $100,000 Plus
      2. General Career Opportunities
      3. General Career Support
    3. Weekly Job Search Activity Form
    4. List of Web Sites with Useful Career Articles
    5. Forty-Two More Smart Questions to Ask at the Interview
    6. Words to Work by...

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  • Title: Get The Job You Want, Even When No One's Hiring: Take Charge of Your Career, Find a Job You Love, and Earn What You Deserve
  • Author(s): Ford R. Myers
  • Release date: June 2009
  • Publisher(s): Wiley
  • ISBN: 9780470457412