Chapter 2

Seeing Yourself in a Big Data Job

In This Chapter

arrow Peeking inside the future of big data

arrow Building the case for job growth and the future

arrow Assessing your skills

arrow Moving forward pragmatically

I recently reconnected with a lifelong friend who had just climbed Mount Rainier in Washington. He said that it was the toughest physical challenge that he’d ever faced and that some of the people who have attempted to make the climb and failed were accomplished ultra-marathoners or Ironman Triathlon finishers. He told me that he had to train specifically to climb the mountain. It wasn’t like prepping for a marathon or a triathlon. He had to take a focused approach to understanding the specific challenges to climbing and submit to the required training it would take to accomplish this feat. Even though there were runners who were able to run 100+ miles and were in better physical shape than my friend was, those people didn’t have the specific endurance skills needed to climb a difficult mountain.

As you approach your professional journey, you need to identify the skills required to climb ...

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