Chapter 10

Living on the Edge with a Startup

In This Chapter

arrow Getting an inside look at startups

arrow Looking at emerging big data startup firms

arrow Considering the pros and cons of the startup life

People frequently pitch me new ideas and business plans, and I always enjoy reading them. “I have a great idea,” is often how these pitches start. I’ve done a few startups — some succeeded and some failed. Startups have an abundance of excitement, energy, and optimism about the future — they’re exciting places to be.

Many startups have emerged over the past several years that have served to provide big data tools, consulting, and services to the industry. This chapter covers the kinds of firms that are born for big data — firms whose sole purpose is to create and deliver big data solutions. This chapter also covers what life is like in a startup or early-stage company and how that contrasts to life in larger, more established firms. Finally, we explore what you can expect when looking for a job at one of these high-potential firms.

Startups and Where They Are

Startups come in all shapes and sizes and serve as the engine that allows small businesses and emerging technologies to thrive. The biggest ...

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