Chapter 13

Building Your Portfolio Site

In This Chapter

arrow Checking out Sarah Rudder’s graphics-led portfolio site

arrow Looking at Matt Rudder’s coding-led portfolio site

arrow Creating your own portfolio site

arrow Discovering how creative people get work on the strength of their portfolios

You’ve probably seen an artist or art student carrying a portfolio. The word means several things. One meaning of portfolio is the oversize container that holds the works. The second meaning of the word portfolio is all the designs or artwork someone has created and wants to show other people. This type of portfolio can include drawn or painted artworks, sketches, cels from animation, blueprints, and descriptions of the pieces that it contains.

For our purposes, I use the word portfolio in yet another way: an online representation of the breadth and depth of your work. I call the printed pieces that you’ve seen artists carry around a print portfolio. If you’re a designer, you may have one of these yourself.

Many artists, art students, and designers put a great deal of work into curating their print portfolio. They ...

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