Chapter 1

Working with Networks

If you conduct an online search on the phrase demand for networking jobs, you'll find article after article citing networking jobs as one of the high-demand jobs. You've chosen a great time to learn more about this exciting and rapidly growing and changing field!

This chapter takes a closer look at the changes in business and technology that have given rise to the high demand for networking professionals. You will also discover why networking is such a great career field.

Why Are Networks Important?

Networks facilitate data communications in organizations, between organizations, and over the Internet itself. Without networks, computers are practically worthless. Then again, without computers, networks would not be needed. But let's not get caught up in circular arguments. Instead, let's look a little deeper into why networks are important.

Organizations of every kind, as well as a growing number of private citizens, rely on information systems to conduct their daily affairs more than ever before. We buy more and more products that are Internet connected, partly for convenience and partly for the cool factor. Before long, it will be easier to count the things that aren't connected to the Internet.

Computers and networks are inseparable

A networking professional who knows little ...

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