Chapter 11

Living on the Edge with a Startup

Working as a networking professional in a startup can be a life-changing experience. If you can tolerate the long hours, chaos, and uncertainty, working in a startup can be rewarding for a number of reasons. First, being part of something new carries a level of excitement (which is sometimes hard to distinguish from a feeling of terror). Also, you'll learn a lot in a startup that you won't learn elsewhere, primarily having to do with operating a small business.

Most startup businesses don't have a lot of money (although a few have more than they know what to do with), so networking professionals in these businesses have to find creative ways to implement technology without spending a lot of cash. Exactly how this is done will vary greatly based on the startup business's purpose and product, and many other factors too numerous to mention here.

Bottom line: Working with a start-up is risky and can be frustrating. It will certainly be demanding, but if things go well, it can be extremely rewarding.

Image If you look at any of the websites dedicated to startup companies that list open positions, such as (not, you'll rarely find a networking position — unless ...

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