Chapter 20

Ten Alternatives to a Regular Job

May be you've made your fortune and want to give back to society. Or perhaps you are a ne'er-do-well and live off the generosity of others. In either case or anything in between, let's say you want to use your networking skills for something other than a regular job. Hey, this is America. You are free to do what you want. This chapter lists a number of options, ten as a matter of fact, for working in networking while avoiding that troublesome regular paycheck.

Homing In on Your Home

A good place to start is where you hang your hat. Many homes have multiple PCs along with game consoles and smart televisions. And don't forget the smartphones that can connect to the Internet through Wi-Fi.

Many modern operating systems automatically whip up a network when they see each other sharing the same Wi-Fi. This is a start, but it barely constitutes a useful network. The locally connected PCs can't share files and back up data. This is the computer equivalent of having a party where no one talks to each other and everyone is texting on their phone.

Companies have attempted to market home servers. For example, Microsoft produced Windows Home Server, but they later withdrew support ...

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