Social media. It sounds so captivating. It’s loose and flowing, yet rigid at times. There are unwritten rules and advice from experts. Social media is evolving rapidly, and the line between social and traditional media is blurring.

Social media is the social interaction among people where they create, share, discuss, exchange information, and modify content in virtual communities. Social media relies on mobile and web-based technologies to create highly interactive platforms, and is evolving day to day.

Social media has changed the way information is received and disseminated. Because information is so accessible, companies have embraced tools to share and deliver their messages.

Companies are developing relationships directly with their consumers.

Professionals across all industries — virtual communication, marketing, public relations, branding, cultural and professional influence — are developing, enhancing, communicating, engaging, educating, and protecting the brands they represent via social media.

Social media has embedded itself in our everyday lives and is an intricate part of employment. Anyone who’s interested in a social media job has to be ready to read about the proven methods for scoring one of these countless positions.

About This Book

Companies are looking for highly qualified social media professionals who are experienced users and can deliver quantifiable results.

Social media is a quick, efficient way to communicate a message to a big audience. ...

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