Chapter 9

Working as an In-House Social Media Specialist

In This Chapter

arrow Understanding the different team members

arrow Grasping social media projects and expectations

arrow Being a part of a team

Affordable labor and authenticity from internal sources are leading many companies to manage their social media presence in-house. Authenticity gives you an inherent advantage over the competition. If you can truly embody the essence of the brand and provide quick answers to the public about the company’s products, services, and culture, then you’re in a position to win.

This chapter explains standalone social media departments: how they’re structured, how they work, and the typical assignments they cover. Please note that this chapter assumes that you’re a full-time employee of a company rather than a contractor.

Brands are creating entire social media departments, sometimes making them part of marketing or advertising.

Chief marketing officers (CMOs) have become branded as the more traditional, or push, marketing advocates; social media professionals are the new-age, or pull, marketing pioneers.

Chapter 4 talks about these roles in even more depth.

Typical Social Media Team Roles

Social ...

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