Chapter 20

Avoiding Ten Common Social Media Job Mistakes

In This Chapter

arrow Listening too little

arrow Forgetting your audience

arrow Being verbose . . . or silent

arrow Promoting inconsistently

Nearly every company and person has tried to figure out how to leverage the social media phenomenon for financial gain. Many unscrupulous activities have arisen, and misinformation floats freely.

The following common tactics are terrible for business and always result in failure.

Setting Unrealistic Goals and Expectations

remember Unrealistic personal goals and impractical employer expectations are by far the biggest problem in social media.

Most marketers and businesses look at social media as the newest “push” medium and frequently use the channel as the freshest way to promote and sell their products and services. The problem is that social media isn’t one-way communication. It emphasizes two-way conversation between the brand and the consumer.

Social media takes time. When companies rush in thinking they’ll ...

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