Chapter 2

Exploring Web Development Career Paths

In This Chapter

arrow Discovering how the web developer role has splintered

arrow Exploring front-end jobs

arrow Getting to know other contributors

arrow Understanding why Photoshop is (still) key to web development

There are almost as many ways into web development as there are people with web development jobs. However, there are a few common elements among different “tribes” in web development that provide a kind of ladder for working your way into a career, and then making your way in the web development world.

An initial screen is what “bucket” of related areas your talents and interests fall into. If your skill is in making things look good, you are somewhere in the artistic and graphics areas. The key job title here is visual designer. In this chapter, we explain the difference, and more.

Distinguishing between Visual Designer and Web Developer

Web development jobs are thought of as technical, but the “looking good” area is really at the core of web development versus other career paths. The key job title here is visual designer, although people doing ...

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