Chapter 7

Introducing Web History

In This Chapter

arrow Discovering pre-web Internet information tools

arrow Seeing how BBSes drove the need for netiquette

arrow Finding out how DNS supports the web

arrow Learning how Berners-Lee invented HTML and the web

If you’re going to be a web developer, you should know two words really well. One of them is developer, and there’s no big prize for guessing the other one. (Okay, we’ll tell you. It’s web.)

Each of the standards that makes the web what it is today influences what you and others do as a web developer. You also have a lot of choices as to which standards to use to do each part of a given job because there’s a lot of overlap in functionality among them.

As mentioned in Chapter 6, having a core of technical knowledge about web development in general is important to communications and productivity across a web development project team. And if you’re taking on big parts, or all, of a project yourself, you certainly need to know the basics of every part of the process.

If you know the basics, you can participate actively in a wide range of discussions — and ...

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