Chapter 11

Implementing and Shipping a Site

In This Chapter

arrow Understanding user needs

arrow Creating the look and feel

arrow Developing content and functionality

arrow Creating test sites

arrow Shipping a site

There’s a famous phrase in Silicon Valley lore that applies strongly to web development. It’s just two words: “Winners ship.”

This phrase was quoted in an article about Apple being slow to ship a version of its iOS software which runs iPhones and iPads. The version was iOS 7 and it finally shipped in May 2013, shortly after the passing of Steve Jobs.

The article praised Jon Ivey, head of design at Apple, for cleaning up the look of iOS 7 – but it also said, “Winners ship product, and Apple really can’t afford a delay right now.”

The phrase “winners ship” came from the old days where the main action in technology was in hardware and packaged software. If you’re old enough, you’ll remember buying all your software off the shelf, in boxes — and later using early websites like to have boxed ...

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