Chapter 15

Using Dreamweaver and WordPress for Your Sites

In This Chapter

arrow Understanding why Dreamweaver is king

arrow Using downloadable WordPress software

arrow Creating your site at

Web development has, in some important ways, settled down.

The core technologies for most website development today are the latest versions of the same set that people have used since about the year 2000: HTML (today, HTML5), CSS, and JavaScript. Also, web browsers on personal computers are getting more and more similar in how they display web pages, so you don’t have to worry nearly as much about what your pages will look like on various browsers. Today, you don’t have to learn a lot that’s new about core technologies to do the basic work of creating websites.

This makes it much easier on the people creating web development tools. More and more of your work can be done directly in a tool, without much, if any, hand-tweaking.

Adobe Dreamweaver is the tool of choice for mainstream professional web developers. It is, arguably, the most complete tool on the market. Dreamweaver is also expensive, costing hundreds of dollars a year. On the upside, it allows you to position text and graphics precisely, ...

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