Chapter 3

Exploring Current Issues in Information Security

In This Chapter

arrow Understanding how malware compromises information

arrow Protecting information through encryption

arrow Exploring trends in mobility, privacy, cloud computing, and more

arrow Reviewing standards and regulations

arrow Understanding how security issues affect us

I'm delighted that you're interested in an information security job. With this book, I hope I can help you go into this field with your eyes wide open. This chapter describes the issues that the information security industry faces today — issues that we talk about with other professionals. You discover the everyday challenges — and opportunities — that we encounter when protecting your companies, customers, computers, information, and users.

Malware and Exploits

Malware, short for malicious software, is software that has some harmful purpose, by itself or as part of a bigger system. In this section you look at the types of malware, their internal components, evasion techniques, ...

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