Chapter 10

Serving in the Public Sector or Academia

In This Chapter

arrow Working in the public sector

arrow Understanding differences between local and federal agencies

arrow Holding down the fort in military and defense contracting

arrow Learning about work in education

Government agencies and educational institutions need experienced information security professionals as much as private industry does. Governments and educational institutions rely as much on information systems as the private industry, and they face the same challenges — primarily, protecting sensitive information and keeping unauthorized persons away from applications, systems, networks, and data.

Although the principles of information protection are similar in any kind of organization, working in government and education is different from other types of work. Is it right for you? Only you can decide. In this chapter, you find information to help you make that decision.

Working for a Federal, State, or Local Agency

Agencies at all levels are in need of qualified information security professionals who have many of the same skills sought ...

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