Chapter 12

Creating a Winning Resume

In This Chapter

arrow Dissecting a typical resume

arrow Putting the right type of resume together for you

arrow Customizing resumes to target specific jobs

A resume is usually the first thing that a typical employer will view about an employment candidate. Often, as little as ten seconds is spent scanning a resume before making an initial “keep or toss” decision, so it’s vital that the appearance, structure, and words in your resume give it the best chance of landing in the “keep” list instead of the trash.

The Basics of a Great Resume

Your resume is a written statement that describes your work experience, education, and short-term career goals. Your resume is your most important marketing tool. Often, recruiters and hiring managers form their first impression of you based on your resume.

Prospective employers are looking for skills, but they are focused on reading about your past accomplishments. How have you saved your employer money, improved security, solved serious issues, or improved efficiency? Tangible results are effective and capture a hiring manager’s attention. You need to emphasize positive results in your work experience.

In this section, you look ...

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