Chapter 1

Embracing IT Help Desk Jobs

In This Chapter

  • Establishing a better understanding of how companies use the help desk
  • Developing an awareness of your options for positions
  • Understanding the tools you'll need to get work

It's time to get a job, and you're quite talented with technology, so where do you go? How do you find one? How do you verify that you know what you need to know in order to take a position? How do you understand what your potential pay will be? How do you determine your options? You go online and look at what the IT job industry offers and find an enormous selection of positions and little understanding about what most of the jobs entail. Now what do you do?

You start by reading this chapter. In this chapter, I break down a number of things like what a help desk is, how important the help desk is to industry, a look at the IT job market, and more. In short, the information in this chapter starts you on a path to discover whether a career in IT suits you. In general, if you have any technical aptitude at all, then it's likely an IT position will be a positive step forward for you. IT is a strong industry with lots of opportunity for advancement.

This chapter has an element of looking inside yourself, as if the content inside these pages is a looking glass for personal introspection. You discover more about the IT industry and likely more about yourself. It is also the aim to help you feel a sense of confidence in yourself as you recognize more and more ...

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