Chapter 5

Education and Certifications

In This Chapter

  • Examining your education and training options
  • Getting a grip on the real costs of a higher education
  • Understanding the nuances of certifications

Because most people who get into IT don't necessarily have a college degree in computer science or business management, certifications become a powerful tool in developing an individual's credentials. Unfortunately, experience is no longer sufficient for hiring managers to deem an applicant worthy of further vetting to fill a particular position.

In this chapter, you discover your post-education options, including which certifications are helpful.

Researching Your Options


One of the most important factors when considering an education program is accreditation. Not all programs are accredited, so it will require some extra research to determine whether a program is accredited. Surprisingly, some so-called organizations claim to offer accreditation to educational programs, but they are not recognized by the U.S. Department of Education.

The DOE offers a useful tool to verify schools called the College Navigator:

Simply enter the name of the institution you want to check, click on the name of the correct item in the list, and expand the Accreditation section.

The College Navigator is also helpful for a wide range of other information that you'll ...

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