20 Confidence Is King, Arrogance Is the Jester

DOI: 10.4324/9781003218258-20

Just so we are all perfectly clear, you will not find me on the cover of GQ any time soon. I am by no means a model, nor do I have an incredible physique. I am just a regular dude and could be any one of a thousand faces that you will see in the bar. If you were of a certain persuasion, you most likely wouldn’t even look twice at me when I walk by. I wasn’t a model in college either; most people put on “the freshman fifteen,” well, I put on a freshman sixty, topping out at roughly 250 pounds. I eventually dropped that weight, and of course now that I am getting older, I have started losing my hair. I am kind of making myself sound like the elephant man, but the point ...

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