Getting It Right When It Matters Most

Book description

Discover how to Get It Right in your Moments That Matter—when the situation is complex and relational—and the stakes are high. Transform the outcome of your most challenging situations and interactions when you feel—
  • Threatened by charged emotions or uncertainty
  • Paralyzed by fear of saying (or doing) the wrong thing (again)
  • Defeated by a relationship that seems damaged beyond repair
  • Perplexed about how to achieve the results you desire
  • Stalled in progress with others due to differing styles and perspective.

In an ever-changing environment when typical habits, behaviors, and thinking aren’t enough, Getting It Right When It Matters Most introduces research backed insight and a simple model for your most important situations. Apply self-awareness, learning agility, and emotional intelligence through the Self, Outlook, Action, and Reflection (SOAR) cycle.

Product information

  • Title: Getting It Right When It Matters Most
  • Author(s): Tony Gambill, Scott Carbonara
  • Release date: June 2021
  • Publisher(s): Business Expert Press
  • ISBN: 9781637420232