Getting Started in Consulting, 4th Edition

Book description

The definitive guide to getting out of the office and getting into consulting

Getting Started in Consulting, Fourth Edition is the acclaimed real-world blueprint to professional and financial freedom. For nearly two decades, this invaluable resource has helped thousands of people quit the daily grind and become their own boss. This practical and motivational guide provides the tools and knowledge to control your future and secure your fortune. From establishing goals and sorting out the legal and financial paperwork, to advanced marketing strategies and relationship building techniques, this indispensable book offers step-by-step instructions for you to establish and grow your own consultancy business. This extensively revised and updated fourth edition includes new and expanded coverage on topics including utilizing informal media, changes in legal and financial guidelines, key distinctions of wholesale and retail businesses, and much more.

Author Alan Weiss delivers expert advice on how to combine minimal overhead with optimal organization to produce maximum income. Every step in the process is clearly explained, including financing, marketing, bookkeeping, establishing your fees, and more. This guide is a comprehensive, one-stop source for everything you need to prosper in the rapidly expanding world of private consultancy.

  • Adopt a pragmatic and profitable strategy to achieve incredible results from your consultancy business
  • Learn to identify and address the most commons issues facing your prospects and clients
  • Leverage technology to reduce labor, maximize profitability, and increase discretionary time
  • Access sample budgets, case studies, references and appendices, downloadable tools and forms, and online resources

The modern business landscape presents unique opportunities for those willing to take the leap from corporate offices to home offices. Getting Started in Consulting, Fourth Edition is the must-have guide for anyone seeking to cut their own path to their own consulting business. 

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Other Books by Alan Weiss
  3. Introduction to the Fourth Edition
    1. Note
  4. About the Author
  5. Acknowledgments
  6. Chapter 1 Your Mindset Will Determine Your Success
    1. The Notion of Value
    2. Support Systems
    3. Basic Necessities
    4. Hitting the Ground Running
    5. Notes
  7. Chapter 2 Barging into the Business
    1. The Concept of Marketing Gravity
    2. Calling Everyone You Know
    3. Making Money by Working for Free (Pro Bono)
    4. Networking Is a Process, Not an Event
    5. Notes
  8. Chapter 3 Becoming a Marketer
    1. Creating an Accelerant Curve
    2. Money Talks
    3. Wholesale and Retail
    4. Passive Income
    5. Notes
  9. Chapter 4 Technology for the Next Nine Seconds
    1. The Greatest Technology Myths
    2. The Role of a Website Might Surprise You
    3. Social Media Platforms Are Often Tilted
    4. Remaining Cutting Edge without Hurting Yourself
    5. Notes
  10. Chapter 5 Finding the Economic Buyer
    1. Saint Paul Was the First Virtual Marketer
    2. HR Stands for “Hardly Relevant”
    3. Charging Past Gatekeepers
    4. The Peerage
    5. Note
  11. Chapter 6 In the Buyer’s Office
    1. Establishing Trust
    2. Finding Issues and Dynamic Capture
    3. Gaining Conceptual Agreement
    4. Pouring Concrete
  12. Chapter 7 Closing the Sale
    1. How to Write a Proposal That’s Accepted Every Time
    2. Why Buyers Go Dark
    3. You’re Actually Closing Three Sales; Don’t Lose Two
    4. The Virtual Handshake
    5. Notes
  13. Chapter 8 Paying the Mortgage
    1. How to Establish Value-Based Fees
    2. Fee Formulas
    3. Fifty Factors to Consider
    4. Other Fee Considerations
    5. Notes
  14. Chapter 9 Moving On Up
    1. Fastening the Watertight Doors
    2. Why You Don’t Need a Staff and How to Find Resources
    3. Passive Income Alternatives
    4. Working Globally
    5. Notes
  15. Chapter 10 Living the Dream
    1. Building Your Brand
    2. Moving to Advisory (Vault) Work
    3. Intellectual Property and Thought Leadership
    4. The Essence of a Career
    5. Notes
  16. Appendix A 101 Questions for Any Sales Situation You’ll Ever Face
    1. Qualifying the Prospect
    2. Finding the Economic Buyer
    3. Rebutting Objections
    4. Establishing Objectives
    5. Establishing Metrics
    6. Assessing Value
    7. Determining the Budget Range
    8. Preventing Unforeseen Obstacles
    9. Increasing the Size of the Sale
    10. Going for the Close
    11. The Most Vital Question
    12. Question
  17. Appendix B Suggested Reading in the Field
  18. Appendix C Sample Proposal
    1. Situation
    2. Objectives
    3. Measures of Success
    4. Value
    5. Method and Options
    6. Timing
    7. Joint Accountabilities
    8. Terms and Conditions
    9. Acceptance
  19. Appendix D Sample Long Biographical Sketch
    1. Alan Weiss: Biographical Sketch
  20. Appendix E Sample Short Biographical Sketch
  21. Appendix F Further Resources
  22. Index
  23. End User License Agreement

Product information

  • Title: Getting Started in Consulting, 4th Edition
  • Author(s): Alan Weiss
  • Release date: April 2019
  • Publisher(s): Wiley
  • ISBN: 9781119542155