Getting Started with Hibernate 3

Installing, Configuring, and Understanding the Lightweight Object/Relational Mapping System

James Elliott

6 July 2006


Hibernate has clearly arrived. Are you ready to benefit from its simple way of working with relational databases as Java objects? This PDF updates the introductory material from the award-winning Hibernate: A Developer’s Notebook to teach you how to jump right in and get productive with the current release of Hibernate.

You’ll be walked through the ins and outs of setting up Hibernate and some related tools that make it easier to use—and that may give you new ideas about how to store information in your Java programs.

In short, this PDF gives you exactly the information you need to start using Hibernate today.

Put Ant to Work

Although it might be surprising, the first few things you need to get Hibernate running have nothing directly to do with Hibernate. They set up an environment in which the remaining examples work and have the pleasant side effect of building a solid foundation for any actual project you might be undertaking.

If you’re not already using Ant to manage the building, testing, running, and packaging of your Java projects, now is the time to start. The examples in this PDF are Ant-driven, so you’ll need a working Ant installation to run them and experiment with variations on your ...

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