506 Getting Started with Tivoli Dynamic Workload Broker Version 1.1
To correct the error, do the following steps:
1. Open the integration script in any text editor. For the location of the integration
script, see “Default values and file locations” on page 391.
2. Locate the first line of script. It should begin with this:
@%WAS_HOME%\java\bin\java -classpath %CLASSPATH%
The actual line is much longer. We show only the important part.
3. Add the quotes so that they surround the occurrences of the %WAS_HOME%
and %CLASSPATH% variables. The beginning of the modified line should
look like this:
@"%WAS_HOME%\java\bin\java" -classpath "%CLASSPATH%"
(And continue with the rest of the line.)
Now you should be able to run the integration script.
10.3.3 Wrongly interpreted characters in log file path on Windows
The value of the -eventFilePathName parameter can be unpredictably parsed on
the Windows platform in Tivoli Dynamic Workload Broker 1.1. Some characters
preceded by backslash (\) are wrongly interpreted as special characters. A
typical example is \t, which is treated as TAB-sign.
If you are experiencing troubles with the value of the -eventFilePathName
argument, you must use the double backslashes in the path. For instance, you
should use C\\:\\this_path instead of C:\this_path.
An internal defect 30643 has been opened and this problem will be fixed in future
10.3.4 Cannot specify multiple event types together with parameters
In this section we describe an error in the integration mechanism regarding
specifying multiple event types together with overriding default values. Then we
provide a workaround for this issue.
When launching the integration script and specifying multiple event types (using
-events argument) together with additional parameters, such as -metafileName
or -UAApname, the integration run time is not able to parse more than one event
Note: The double backslashes also precede the colon character.

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