Chapter 2. Tivoli Dynamic Workload Broker architecture 43
2.5 Job and resource definitions
In this section we describe the format that is used for storing the job and resource
definitions. We also list the possibilities of how the definitions can be created.
Tivoli Dynamic Workload Broker job definitions and resource definitions are both
stored in the Tivoli Dynamic Workload Broker repositories. However, the way in
which they can be created and modified is different.
The persistent storage for both repositories is IBM database DB/2. All the data
are stored in DB/2 tables within the database dedicated for Tivoli Dynamic
Workload Broker usage. The default name of this database is TDWB.
2.5.1 Job definitions
Tivoli Dynamic Workload Broker uses a special language for defining jobs. This
language is based on XML and its name is
Job Submission Description
Language (JSDL)
Each job definition is stored in the
Job Repository. When saving the job definition
to the Job Repository, a validation is run against the current JSDL definition. If a
definition is not valid (it does not meet the JSDL schema), it is not saved until the
errors are corrected.
Job definitions can be created using following tools/interfaces:
򐂰 Tivoli Dynamic Workload Broker Web Console
򐂰 Job Brokering Definition Console
򐂰 Imported through command-line interface from a JSDL file
򐂰 Imported through direct Web service invocation (custom application)
The Tivoli Dynamic Workload Broker Web Console offers you the possibility to
create the job definition directly on the server, but does not provide any
sophisticated tool for this task. It requires comprehensive knowledge of JSDL
schema to be able to create correct job definitions from scratch.
Instead of writing the JSDL definitions manually, you can use a graphical tool
called Job Brokering Definition Console (JBDC). JBDC offers an intuitive user
interface for creating the job definitions. It also performs validation of the job
definition against the Job Submission Description Language (JSDL) schema, so
you will be informed of any possible error that you made during the job definition.
For more information about Job Brokering Definition Console, refer to 2.6.3, “Job
Brokering Definition Console” on page 49.

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