Chapter 6. What Next?

The projects in this book have been chosen with the intention of illustrating a wide range of techniques and also to demonstrate the use of the various modules supplied as part of the Fez Starter Kit.

In this chapter, we take a look beyond the basic starter kit and look at some of the other more intricate Gadgeteer modules that are available, as well as list some useful resources to help get you started on some projects of your own.

Other Modules

New modules are being released for the .NET Gadgeteer all the time. So, check on the Internet to see what is available.

Both GHI and Seeed sell each other’s Gadgeteer modules. Their respective websites are and

Another Gadgeteer product site to look at is

In the next section, we look at some of the modules available from Seeed.

Environmental Sensors

There are many types of environmental sensors available, from simple temperature sensing to barometer modules that measure atmospheric pressure.

Such sensors are very easy to use in Gadgeteer. The following shows an example of using the Temperature and Humidity module, but most of the sensor modules follow the same pattern:

void ProgramStarted() { temperatureHumidity.MeasurementComplete += new TemperatureHumidity. MeasurementCompleteEventHandler(temperatureHumidity_MeasurementComplete); temperatureHumidity.StartContinuousMeasurements(); } void temperatureHumidity_MeasurementComplete(TemperatureHumidity ...

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