Chapter 6. Custom Connectivity

Mule Cloud Connect supports a growing number of Cloud Connectors, but new APIs are being released every day and you or your customers might require connectivity to an API that is not currently supported. To help with this, Mule has created a development kit called the DevKit that guides you though the setup and creation of Cloud Connectors. The DevKit uses annotations that mimic typical integration tasks to simplify development and when processed, are converted into fully featured components for the Mule ESB and CloudHub integration platforms. It allows you to quickly and efficiently create new connectors to different cloud services while minimizing the amount of code you have to write.

Cloud Connectors are also about community. Almost all Cloud Connectors are released into the Mule community, and if you’ve developed a Cloud Connector or want to create one that doesn’t exist yet, you can choose to share it with other Mule users like you and help empower the Mule community. If you’re a service provider, you can easily convert your existing client libraries to a Cloud Connector and help make a developer’s day by getting him up and running with your API fast and painlessly.

Creating Your First Cloud Connector

The Mule DevKit provides excellent tooling to simplify the creation of Mule extensions. It can generate the project with all the necessary dependencies to create a custom Cloud Connector and generate the required directory structure and class skeletons ...

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