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Getting Started with Couchbase Server

Book Description

Starting with the core architecture and structure of Couchbase Server, this title will tell you everything you need to know to install and setup your first Couchbase cluster. You'll be given guidance on sizing your cluster so that you maximise your performance. After installation, you'll be shown how to use the admin web console to administer your server, and then learn the techniques behind the specific tasks behind cluster management. This includes adding and removing nodes, rebalancing, and backing up and restoring your cluster.

Table of Contents

  1. Getting Started with Couchbase Server
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  3. Preface
    1. Introduction
    2. Where to Get Help on Couchbase Server
    3. Conventions Used in This Book
    4. Using Code Examples
    5. Safari® Books Online
    6. How to Contact Us
    7. Acknowledgments
  4. 1. Introduction to Couchbase Server
    1. Architecture and Concepts
      1. Nodes and Clusters
      2. Cluster Manager
      3. Buckets
      4. vBuckets
      5. Data in RAM
      6. Ejection
      7. Expiration
      8. Eviction
      9. Disk Storage
      10. Warmup
      11. Rebalancing
      12. Replicas and Replication
      13. Failover
      14. TAP
      15. Client Interface
      16. Proxy (Moxi)
      17. Administration Tools
      18. Statistics and Monitoring
  5. 2. Installation
    1. Preparation
      1. Estimating Your Cluster Size Requirements
        1. RAM or I/O bound clusters
      2. Network Ports
    2. Installing Couchbase Server
      1. Red Hat Linux Installation
      2. Ubuntu Linux Installation
      3. Microsoft Windows Installation
    3. Setting Up Couchbase Server
  6. 3. Couchbase Administration Console
    1. Cluster Overview
      1. Cluster
      2. Buckets
      3. Servers
    2. Manage: Data Buckets
      1. Creating and Editing Data Buckets
        1. Creating a new bucket
        2. Editing Couchbase buckets
        3. Editing Memcached buckets
    3. Couchbase Server States
  7. 4. Developing with Couchbase
    1. Hello Couchbase
    2. Deployment Options
    3. Basic Operations
      1. Compare and Swap (Check and Set)
    4. Storing Data in Couchbase Server
      1. Document IDs
      2. Document Data
        1. Serialization
        2. JSON
      3. Expiry Times
      4. Flags
    5. Client Interaction with the Cluster
  8. 5. Monitoring Your Cluster
    1. Monitoring Cluster, Nodes, Buckets
      1. Monitoring RAM Usage
      2. Monitoring Disk Usage
      3. Monitoring Network Performance
    2. Monitoring within the Web Console
      1. Monitor: Data Buckets
        1. Per-Bucket monitoring
        2. Bucket monitoring (Summary statistics)
        3. Bucket monitoring (vBucket Resources)
        4. Bucket monitoring (disk queues)
        5. Bucket monitoring (TAP queues)
        6. Bucket monitoring (Memcached buckets)
      2. Monitor: Server Nodes
  9. 6. Managing Your Cluster
    1. Expanding and Shrinking Your Cluster (Rebalancing)
      1. Adding a Node
      2. Removing a Node
      3. Rebalancing
    2. Failover with Couchbase
      1. Automatic Failover
        1. Resetting the Auto failover counter
      2. Monitored Failover
    3. Backup and Restore
      1. Backup
      2. Restore
        1. Restoring to the same cluster
        2. Restoring to a different cluster
        3. Restoring using cbrestore tool
  10. About the Author
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  12. Copyright