Chapter 3. Couchbase Administration Console

The Couchbase Administration Console will normally be your first interaction with Couchbase Server and you should familiarize yourself with the console and the combination of information and mangement tools it provides.

Couchbase Server incorporates three different administration tools: a REST-based API, a suite of command-line tools, and the web-based Administration Console. Both the Web Console and the command-line interfaces use the common REST API for their functionality.

The administration console is the easiest of the interfaces to use and provides a complete environment for management and monitoring of Couchbase, including live statistics and graphs showing the status and health of your cluster.


The REST API and associated command-line tools enable you to automate the administration and monitoring of your console. Because the entire administration interface is based on the REST API, the entire administration system is scriptable or controllable through the command line or your chosen application environment. Check the Couchbase Manual for details of these two components.

The Administration Console is divided into two major sections, one for monitoring your cluster and one for managing your cluster. The major sections divide the information according to whether you want to monitor or manage the cluster. The common elements in both major sections are those related to the data buckets and server nodes.

  • The Cluster Overview provides ...

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