Chapter 6. Getting Started Printing

In which the reader goes from contemplating an unboxed Replicator 2 to making their first object appear on the build platform.

With your MakerBot unboxed, you’re probably wondering what to do first. You’re almost ready to go, but there are a few things you need to do before you can get started started printing.

Before you go any further, make sure that you have completely unboxed and prepped your machine (see the instruction manual that came with your Replicator 2 or download it from This chapter assumes you’ve already done the following:

  • Removed the cardboard or foam packaging material.
  • Removed the cardboard inserts and cut the zip ties that hold the extruder in place.
  • Installed the build platform, and you’ve tightened the build plate adjustment screws all the way.
  • Raised the build platform to its maximum height.
  • Installed the filament guide tube.
  • Mounted the spools of filament on the spool holders.
  • Plugged in the power supply.


If you have an original Replicator, refer to the Replicator First Run Experience for setup and build platform leveling instructions:

If everything is ready, then flip on the power button on the back of your Replicator 2 and hold onto your hat. Not literally, though—if this causes a large gust of wind, you should probably contact tech support at .

The LCD Panel

When you get your Replicator 2 from the factory, ...

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