Chapter 7. Your First 10 Things to MakerBot

In which we provide instant satisfaction in the form of wonderful objects that appear as if summoned by magic spells from the luminiferous ether.

Between the time that you get your Replicator up and running and the time that you get good at designing your own things, you’re going to want some things to make. This chapter focuses on a few things from Thingiverse that we think are great. But there are many more wonderful things on there; take the time to explore the featured and popular things to really find out what’s out there.

Once you’ve mastered the first few things, you’ll be delighted, excited, and energized to try the rest. By the time you’ve mastered all ten, you’ll be ready to start your own designs!

Hello, World

"Hello, World" is a term from computer programming—it’s the first program you write, and usually prints out the words "Hello, World". In 3d printing, it’s the first thing you make, and we suggest this snake, which demonstrates how to make something with moving (well, flexing) parts out of a single object.

Zomboe’s Snake

Figure 7-1. Zomboe’s Snake

Because of this snake’s geometry and thickness, you end up with an object that can bend quite a bit without snapping. You’ll see a similar object next: the Stretchy Bracelet.


If your bed isn’t level, your snake will look sad—re-level ...

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