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Getting Started with Google Wave

Book Description

Get in front of Google Wave, the exciting new real-time communication and collaboration technology that unifies email, instant messaging (IM), wiki, and social networking functions on one integrated platform. This ebook offers you an early look at this game-changing technology while it's still in the development stage.

In the first two chapters of this user guide, you'll quickly learn about the Google Wave structure and how it works. The second two chapters help you work with the Google Wave Client, a web app that allows end users to participate and collaborate.

This ebook is just the beginning. If your organization is interested in building sophisticated extensions for Google Wave, or customizing its functions and display, our forthcoming book, Google Wave: Up and Running shows software developers how to use Google Wave's APIs and the Google Wave network protocol.

  • Become familiar with Google Wave's key concepts and terminology
  • Learn about the threaded conversation model incorporated into conversations, or waves
  • Get use cases that show how the platform offers consumers a distinct advantage over current communication and collaboration technologies
  • Learn about extensions such as gadgets and robots

More than two million users have signed up for access to Google Wave, and hundreds of thousands users have started using it since it became available in public preview. Don't wait. Catch the wave with this book.

Table of Contents

  1. Getting Started with Google Wave
  2. Preface
    1. Conventions Used in This Book
    2. About This Book
    3. Using Code Examples
    4. Safari® Enabled
    5. How to Contact Us
  3. 1. Introducing Google Wave
    1. Introduction
      1. The People Behind Google Wave
      2. Initial Reactions to Google Wave
    2. So What Exactly Is Google Wave?
      1. In a Nutshell
      2. Waves, Wavelets, and Blips, Oh My!
        1. Waves
        2. Wavelets
        3. Blips
        4. Participants
        5. Documents
      3. Google Wave Incorporates Several Web Technologies
        1. Email
        2. IM
        3. Wiki
        4. Online Documents
        5. Gadgets
      4. Communication and Collaboration Inside the Browser
        1. Hanging Ten in Your Browser
        2. What about Riding the Wave Outside of Your Browser?
      5. The Google Wave APIs
        1. Extensions
        2. Embedded Waves
      6. The Google Wave Federation Protocol
    3. Why It’s Likely that People Will Use Google Wave
      1. Ease of Use
      2. Speed
      3. Real-time Gratification
      4. Functionality
      5. Extensibility
      6. Integration with Third Party Services and Platforms
      7. Safety in Numbers
    4. Reading the Tea Leaves: What’s Next for Google Wave
      1. Will Email or IM Be Replaced?
      2. Google Wave and Social Networks
      3. Leveraging other Google Applications and Platforms
      4. Could Google Wave Be a Fad?
    5. Sample Use Case: Using Google Wave for an International Sales Team
  4. 2. Fundamentals of Communication and Collaboration in Google Wave
    1. Conversations Are Integral to Google Wave
      1. Threaded Conversations
      2. Beyond Typical Threaded Conversations
      3. Hey! We’re Creating a Document
      4. Public, Private, and Shared Conversations
      5. Replaying Conversations
    2. Enhanced Communication and Collaboration
      1. Media
      2. Attachments
      3. Gadgets
      4. Robots
      5. Search
    3. Sample Use Case: Using Google Wave to Plan a Wedding
  5. 3. Riding Waves
    1. 1-2-3 Let’s Get Ready to Surf
      1. The Google Wave Client
      2. A Few Words on the Occasional Wipeout
    2. Working with the Google Wave Client
      1. The Navigation Pane
        1. Predefined Folders (a.k.a, Standard Folders)
        2. Custom Searches
        3. Custom Folders
      2. The Contacts Pane
      3. Your Inbox
      4. The Conversation Pane
    3. Interacting with Other Participants
      1. There Is No ‘Reply All’
      2. Keeping Things Private
    4. Managing Your Inbox
      1. Searches and Folders
      2. Archiving and Muting
      3. What about Spam?
    5. Riding Your First Wave
      1. Let’s Get This Party Started
      2. Wavelets and Blips
      3. Adding Extensions to the Mix
        1. Robots
        2. Gadgets
    6. Sample Use Case: A Virtual Conference in Google Wave
  6. 4. Riding More Complex Waves
    1. Paddling Farther Out into the Big Blue
      1. Throwing Some Media into the Mix
        1. Images
        2. Movies
        3. Attachments
      2. Keyboard Shortcuts
      3. Searches
      4. To Edit or Not to Edit?
      5. Waves with Lots of Blips and Participants
    2. Getting the Most Out of Extensions
      1. Robots
        1. Bloggy
        2. Cody
        3. Buddy as a Service
      2. Gadgets
        1. Checky the Checklist Gadget
        2. Napkin Gadget
        3. Raffly Gadget
    3. Sample Use Case: Running a Soccer League in Google Wave
  7. About the Author
  8. Copyright