Appendix B. Operating System Installation

On either a fresh computer or in a virtual machine, follow these steps to produce a compatible minimal OS installation. If you already have a compatible operating system installed, feel free to skip to Git Compatibility.


When using a virtual machine, at least two cores must be assigned to the instance.

Downloading and Preparing the Boot Media

The Ubuntu 12.04 LTS installation image (an .iso file) is available from this page. In the “Server install CD” section, download the file linked from “PC (Intel ×86) server install CD.” This is the 32-bit server installer.


Ubuntu Desktop will also work equally as well as Ubuntu Server, but the Server edition has a smaller install footprint.

Once the image has been downloaded, it can be burnt onto a physical disk for installation on standalone server hardware. If you are using a virtual machine, simply select this .iso image file when prompted for boot media.


If you are using VMware software, uncheck the “Use Easy Install” option.

Once the physical server has this fresh disk in its CD tray, power it on. Similarly, the new virtual machine can now be started.

Starting the Installation

The first thing you will see is a language selection menu. This is the language that will be used for the installation process. English will be used for this book but feel free to use your native language. Move the selector to highlight the desired language with the arrow keys, then press Enter.

The main menu will now ...

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