Getting Started with Sass

Video Description

Get an introduction to Sass—syntactically awesome style sheets—in this hands-on video course from programmer and author Jen Kramer. Sass allows CSS designers to create style sheets that are easier to follow and less repetitive, leveraging data structures like variables, if/else statements, functions, and loops. With this video, you’ll learn how to install and configure a Sass compiler, understand the differences between Sass and CSS, and learn the Sass and SCSS syntax.

You can use whatever text editor you like; Jen explains where to download SublimeText3 and packages that make working with HTML, CSS, and Sass a great experience. You should also install Koala for compiling Sass files, which is Mac/PC compatible and free.

The video will teach you how to:

  • Set up a typical file structure for Sass
  • Work with a Sass compiler to create CSS that the browser can understand
  • Create and work with variables, mixins, nesting, extends, and more to keep code DRY
  • Work with Sass’s built-in functions to manipulate color, make calculations, and more
  • Create a real-world website with Sass
  • Learn industry best practices for Sass file management, so all the code generated is easily managed
  • Since 2000, Jen Kramer has built websites that are supportive of business and marketing goals, in a freelance capacity and as part of an agency. She is a frequent conference speaker and runs many workshops. Jen has created 24 video training courses for on topics including Bootstrap, web semantics, Joomla, and website strategy, and planning.

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Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
    1. Welcome 00:00:56
    2. What is Sass? 00:01:47
  2. Configuring the Work Environment
    1. Installing SublimeText 3 and Packages 00:05:27
    2. Exploring the Starting Files 00:05:34
    3. Installing Koala, a Sass Compiler 00:02:33
    4. Creating a Sass Stylesheet 00:04:38
    5. Comments in Sass 00:03:33
    6. Including Simple Variables, Compiling, and Viewing Results 00:07:35
    7. You Try It: Creating Sass Styles with Variables 00:03:41
  3. Working with Variables, Math, and Functions
    1. Global Variables, Local Variables, and Default Values 00:08:47
    2. Manipulating Variables through Math 00:06:08
    3. Manipulating Variables with Core Math Functions 00:07:10
    4. Manipulating Variables with Core Color Functions 00:10:40
    5. You Try It: Manipulating Variables 00:03:58
    6. Writing Your Own Functions 00:06:10
  4. Nesting Expressions
    1. Understanding Nesting with Sass 00:03:07
    2. Using & to Reference Parent Selectors 00:03:02
    3. Nesting Within Selectors and Using Nesting with Caution 00:05:52
    4. You Try It: Nesting 00:03:05
  5. Mixins and Extend
    1. Creating and Using Simple mixins 00:07:22
    2. Understanding and Creating mixins with Variable Arguments 00:08:38
    3. Creating and Using extend 00:04:53
    4. Eliminating Extra Classes with extends 00:03:35
    5. Creating Multiple extends 00:02:39
    6. Chaining extends 00:03:29
    7. Extend-only Selectors 00:04:55
    8. Understanding the Difference Between mixin and extend 00:03:05
    9. You Try It: mixins and extend 00:06:29
  6. Understanding if and else
    1. Understanding @if 00:05:36
    2. Working with @if/@else and Default mixin Values 00:06:55
    3. Media Queries, mixins, and @if/@else 00:10:28
  7. File Management and Organization
    1. Understanding, Organizing, and Compiling Sass Partials and Files 00:11:01
    2. Incorporating External CSS Files 00:03:34
    3. Preparing for Site Launch 00:04:11
  8. Conclusion
    1. Goodbye and Next Steps 00:02:10

Product Information

  • Title: Getting Started with Sass
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: July 2015
  • Publisher(s): O'Reilly Media, Inc.
  • ISBN: 9781491933831