Getting Started with Word 2016

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Transform your Word skills from not-so-sure beginner to self-assured and confident intermediate in this course on the latest version of the world's most popular word processing application. Microsoft Word 2016 is huge; filled with features that can feel overwhelming to the newbie. Word expert Guy Vaccaro cuts it down to size by guiding you through the basics of creating, editing, saving, and printing Word docs; before focusing on the specific toolsets skilled Word users employ to get their work done quickly and professionally.

Not only will you learn the secrets of formatting, page setup, adding tables and graphics, inserting headers and footers, printing and mail merge, you'll also become comfortable with Word 2016's newest features like its opening interface and Tell Me function.

  • Understand how to create, edit, save, and print Word documents
  • Learn how to add customized bullets, graphics, and tables to documents
  • See how you can improve the look of documents using tools like the Format Painter
  • Understand the special tools that correct poor spelling and grammar
  • Pick up the cut-copy-paste techniques that speed up workflows
  • Explore the advantages of using Word's free cloud storage platform, OneDrive
  • Discover the how-to functionality built into Word's new "Tell Me" feature
  • Learn about mail merge and the best methods for performing a mail merge
Known for his friendly demeanor and easy to understand teaching style, Guy Vaccaro has trained thousands of people on Microsoft software over the past fifteen years. As an expert on a range of Microsoft products from Office Suite and MS Access to MS Project and more, Guy is the author of thirty seven O'Reilly titles, including Learning Microsoft Excel 2016, Microsoft Project For Software Developers, and Learning SQL.

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Table of contents

  1. Introduction
    1. Introduction 00:06:26
    2. The New Tell Me Feature 00:04:14
    3. Microsoft Account Options And OneDrive 00:03:45
    4. Available Themes Views And Document Navigation 00:11:10
    5. The Quick Access Toolbar 00:05:06
    6. Using The Working Files 00:02:00
    7. About The Author 00:01:10
  2. Creating Word 2016 Documents
    1. Create A New Document With Or Without A Template 00:06:12
    2. Entering Text Into A Word Document 00:04:45
    3. Save, Save As, Saving For People Without Word 2016 00:08:57
    4. Working With Existing Documents 00:06:38
    5. Non Printing Characters And Random Text 00:08:50
    6. Restricting Access To The Whole Or Part Of A Word Document 00:08:10
  3. Working With Word 2016 Documents
    1. Selecting Deleting Text And Undoing Mistakes 00:08:37
    2. Inserting Spaces Lines Breaks Or Special Characters 00:08:17
    3. Changing Typeface Font Size Or Case 00:06:30
    4. Make Text Important Using Color Bold Italics Or Underlining 00:07:15
    5. Highlighting Text And Using Strikethrough Superscript And Subscript 00:06:58
    6. Paragraph Alignment Spacing And Indentation 00:08:11
    7. The Format Painter And Format Eraser In Action 00:06:09
    8. Paragraph Borders And Backgrounds 00:07:15
    9. Introducing Bullets And Numbering 00:09:33
    10. Customizing Bullet Shapes And Numbers 00:06:39
    11. Multiple Methods Of Cut Copy And Paste 00:07:42
    12. Finding And Replacing Text 00:08:08
    13. Spelling Grammar Researching In Word 2016 00:07:20
  4. Page Setup And Print Preview
    1. Paper Size Orientation Margins And Hyphenation 00:09:31
    2. Watermarks Borders And Background Colors 00:07:24
    3. Print And Preview Combined View 00:07:18
    4. PDF Creation 00:04:11
  5. Tables
    1. Inserting Deleting And Entering Data Into A Table 00:06:13
    2. Managing Table Rows And Columns 00:07:42
    3. Formatting Cell Background And Borders 00:05:33
    4. Merging Splitting And Cell Alignment 00:06:57
    5. Positioning And Text Wrapping For Tables Within Existing Text 00:05:21
  6. Advanced Paragraph Formatting
    1. Multilevel Bullets 00:06:50
    2. Dropcaps And Themes 00:05:41
    3. Default Tabstops And Creating Your Own 00:06:47
    4. Decimal Bar Tabs And Tab Leaders 00:07:15
    5. Managing Columns In A Word Document 00:06:04
  7. Automatic Features
    1. Autocorrect In Action 00:08:24
    2. Managing Your Autocorrect Word List 00:05:39
  8. Images, Smartart, Shapes And The Drawing Tools
    1. Shape Insertion Rotation Resize Move And Delete 00:06:06
    2. Formatting Your Shapes 00:05:54
    3. Textboxes Or Adding Text To Existing Shapes 00:05:06
    4. Altering The Stacking Order And Grouping 00:06:58
    5. Insert Photographs From The Web Or From Your Own Files 00:06:33
    6. Enhancing Your Photographs 00:07:50
    7. Introducing Smartart 00:08:50
    8. Screen Capture In Word 00:04:58
    9. Interaction Of Text And Graphic Objects 00:07:13
  9. Header And Footers
    1. Inserting And Edting A Header And Or A Footer 00:04:26
    2. Editing Customizing And Page Numbering 00:06:31
    3. Different Headers And Footers On Add And Even Pages 00:06:11
  10. Advanced Tables
    1. Tabs Within Cells And Sorting Table Columns 00:06:03
    2. Column Headings Repeating And Large Cells Not Splitting 00:05:31
    3. Formulas In Tables 00:07:30
  11. Mail Merge
    1. Mail Merge Explained And In Action 00:09:02
    2. Merging From An Excel File 00:06:53
    3. Data Requirements And Swapping The Source 00:06:10
    4. Merge Blocks And Filtering And Sorting 00:07:46
    5. Label Creation From Your Data 00:05:31
    6. Emails Created From Mail Merge Data 00:05:01
    7. Dynamic Mail Merge Using IF 00:04:16
  12. Conclusion
    1. Word 2016 And Beyond 00:05:46

Product information

  • Title: Getting Started with Word 2016
  • Author(s): Guy Vaccaro
  • Release date: May 2017
  • Publisher(s): Infinite Skills
  • ISBN: 9781491983737