Getting Started with Knative

Book description

While Kubernetes is a great platform for running and managing containers, the job of building, deploying, and managing serverless applications is best suited for Knative. This practical ebook shows developers and operators new to Knative how to use this open source project in conjunction with Kubernetes. You’ll learn how to create and run code with Knative and how to integrate this platform into your production environment.

Throughout this ebook, Bryan Friedman and Brian McClain from Pivotal explore serverless architecture patterns using examples of self-service use cases. Whether you’re planning to use Kubernetes or have begun to run it in production, this ebook will help you understand how Knative and each of its components will work in your system. Code samples are available on GitHub, and prebuilt container images are available on Docker Hub.

  • Dive into Knative’s three key components: serving, building, and eventing
  • Deploy and serve applications and functions with the Knative Serving module
  • Compile and package code as containers with Knative Build
  • Create a rich, robust event-driven architecture with Knative Eventing
  • Explore advanced topics such as creating your own event source and using build templates
  • Put everything together to build a sample service for visualizing earthquake activity

Product information

  • Title: Getting Started with Knative
  • Author(s): Brian McClain, Bryan Friedman
  • Release date: April 2019
  • Publisher(s): O'Reilly Media, Inc.
  • ISBN: 9781492047018