Usage Rules for Nodes
Here are some general rules that govern the placement of nodes in a process flow
The Input Data Source node cannot be preceded by any other node.
All nodes except the Input Data Source and SAS Code nodes must be preceded by a
node that exports a data set.
The SAS Code node can be defined in any stage of the process flow diagram. It does
not require an input data set that is defined in the Input Data Source node.
The Model Comparison node must be preceded by one or more modeling nodes.
The Score node must be preceded by a node that produces score code. For example,
the modeling nodes produce score code.
The Ensemble node must be preceded by a modeling node.
The Replacement node must follow a node that exports a data set, such as a Data
Source, Sample, or Data Partition node.
Usage Rules for Nodes 55
56 Appendix 1 SAS Enterprise Miner Node Reference

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