Chapter 4. Installing and Configuring Citrix XenApp®

We are finally here and ready to deploy Citrix XenApp in a virtual environment. In this chapter, we will install and configure the software in a guest OS on a hypervisor. The following step-by-step approach is undertaken during the installation:

  • Creating a VM in XenServer
  • Installing Windows 2012 R2 on a VM from a CIFS share
  • Configuring networking and joining a machine to the domain
  • Mounting the XenApp ISO image and installing the XenApp 7.6 software
  • Creating another machine and installing Citrix License Server 11.12.1
  • Configuring the XenApp site

Creating a VM in XenCenter®

Before we start deploying a XenApp environment, we need to create the VMs that the XenApp components will reside on. For this exercise, ...

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