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Getting Started with Informatica

Video Description

Get up and running with Informatica - one of the most sought-after data warehousing tools in the market

About This Video

  • Install and configure Informatica Power Center

  • Get acquainted with the workflow manager screen

  • Set up security, permissions, and client configuration with this practical guide

  • In Detail

    This video course will kick-start with taking you through downloading Informatica Power Center and extracting it. It will help you to gain a deeper insight at various aspects of the Informatica administrator console, such as Domains, Node, Repository and Integration Service. You will then learn to import and create a source and target, and move on to creating mappings and using transformations ports. Next, the course will walk you through the Workflow Manager Screen and skill you to set up a path and connection. Finally, you will learn how to work with the Repository manager screen and thus, make the optimum use of Informatica Power Center!