Getting Started with Azure Functions

Video description

Utilize Serverless Architecture to Build Scalable Cloud System.

About This Video

  • Learn to develop, manage, deploy, and monitor Azure functions in any language.

  • Make the most out of Azure functions to build scalable systems.

  • A step-by-step course that will help you eliminate the pain points of implementing a serverless architecture.

  • In Detail

    With Azure Functions, you can easily run small pieces of code in the cloud without worrying about a whole application or the infrastructure to run it. Azure Functions, can be used with triggers to execute your code and bindings to simplify the input and output of your code.

    This tutorial starts with the basics of Azure Functions and then shows you how to create functions such as WebHooks, Azure Connected, and event processing. Moving ahead, the video demonstrates how to develop, manage, deploy, and monitor your Azure functions in almost any language such as C#, F#, Node.js, Python, PHP, as well as scripting options such as Bash, Batch, and PowerShell.

    Next, you'll see how to scale your functions and use them to process data, integrate systems, and build simple APIs and microservices. Finally, we'll cover some diagnostic techniques with Azure App Services and the best practices of working with Azure Functions. By the end of this tutorial, you will be well-versed with the techniques of scaling your Azure Functions and making the most of the serverless architecture.

    Table of contents

    1. Chapter 1 : Get Started with Azure Functions
      1. The Course Overview 00:02:25
      2. What are Azure Functions? 00:09:22
      3. Setting Up Your Azure Account 00:06:21
      4. Writing Your First Azure Function 00:07:38
      5. How Does Pricing Work? 00:09:08
    2. Chapter 2 : Different Languages in Azure Functions
      1. JavaScript in Azure Functions with NodeJS 00:10:26
      2. C# in Azure Functions 00:10:46
      3. F# in Azure Functions 00:12:08
      4. Python in Azure Functions 00:10:41
      5. PHP in Azure Functions 00:09:47
      6. Other Languages in Azure Functions 00:04:28
    3. Chapter 3 : Triggers and Bindings
      1. Introduction to Triggers and Bindings 00:07:33
      2. Basic Triggers 00:12:21
      3. Storage Triggers 00:13:51
      4. Other Triggers and Bindings 00:05:24
      5. Advanced Bindings 00:13:24
    4. Chapter 4 : Architecting with Azure Functions
      1. Choosing Between Flow, Logic Apps, Azure Functions, and WebJobs 00:07:23
      2. Choosing a Hosting Plan 00:03:05
      3. Best Practices for Azure Functions 00:05:35
      4. Security Concerns 00:15:11
    5. Chapter 5 : Building a Serverless Architecture
      1. What is Serverless Architecture? 00:06:38
      2. Why Serverless? 00:03:14
      3. Serverless Considerations 00:06:10
      4. Serverless Best Practices 00:05:04
      5. Moving to a Serverless Architecture 00:05:37
    6. Chapter 6 : Testing and Monitoring Your Azure Functions
      1. C# Integration Tests 00:12:31
      2. Using the Postman REST Client 00:10:00
      3. Monitoring Your Azure Functions 00:11:56
      4. Debugging Your Azure Functions 00:06:36
    7. Chapter 7 : Automating Deployment
      1. Using Azure Functions Core Tools 00:08:46
      2. Using Git to Edit and Deploy Functions 00:11:18
      3. Introduction to Azure Resource Manager 00:10:09
      4. Using Azure Resource Manager with Function Apps 00:12:17
      5. Putting it All Together for Continuous Delivery 00:09:18

    Product information

    • Title: Getting Started with Azure Functions
    • Author(s): Paul Oliver
    • Release date: June 2017
    • Publisher(s): Packt Publishing
    • ISBN: 9781787286580