Helm and Minikube

Let's try setting up some CI/CD with other tools, so we can experiment with the newest offerings in the Kubernetes ecosystem. First, let's explore how easy it is to install Jenkins with Helm.

First, open the Minikube dashboard so you can see what happens when we install various things. Do this with the following command:

$ minikube dashboard

Let's create a namespace for the Jenkins environment, as follows:

$ kubectl get namespacesNAME          STATUS AGEdefault       Active 3dkube-public   Active 3dkube-system   Active 3d

Now, let's create a template:

$ mkdir -p ~/gsw-k8s-helm && cd ~/gsw-k8s-helm$ cat <<K8s >> namespace-jenkins.yamlapiVersion: v1kind: Namespacemetadata: name: gsw-k8s-jenkinsK8s

Now, you can create the namespace as follows: ...

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