Chapter 5

Getting Ready to Search for a Job


check Laying the groundwork for your search

check Letting your network know you’re looking

check Maximizing on-campus resources

As you begin to look for your first job, start thinking of those around you who can help you in your search. You most likely have an existing support network that you didn’t know you had. Classmates, family, friends, and even some of your professors can help you become aware of opportunities and make introductions.

These individuals can also serve as good references for you. In this chapter, you learn how to approach your network and ask them to recommend you. You also gain knowledge of tools and techniques to do this more easily.

Leverage social media to let your contacts know that you’re looking for a job and get a walk-through on how to do this. This chapter fills you in on the resources typically available to you through your school and its career center. For example, most schools organize job fairs and networking events for students looking for jobs and internships. These are great opportunities to connect with prospective employers.

Enlisting Assistance from Your Network

Friends, classmates, and teachers ...

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