Chapter 6

Searching for Jobs Online


check Learning how to query search engines and job sites

check Mastering advanced job search techniques

check Creating alerts to make you aware of new jobs

Job sites make it easy for you to search for work. Just type in your desired keywords and you’ll get a list back with matching jobs. Some of the better sites offer filters on the side so you can narrow your results.

In this chapter, you learn some tricks to help you get an edge over other job seekers. Even if you’re not technical, you can use some simple search techniques such as Boolean operators to uncover the right job listings. For example, you may want to include management trainee jobs in your search, but exclude those that are in food service or retail. Boolean lets you do this. In another case, you may want to look for jobs that include copywriting, content marketing, or journalism in the description. You can run three separate searches or just do one using Boolean operators.

When you know about these techniques, you can use them not just on job sites, but also on search engines like Google, allowing you to uncover opportunities that may not be obvious.

Finally, you gain knowledge of ...

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