Chapter 7

Building a Great Online Presence


check Impressing potential employers online

check Hiding questionable content that can hurt your image

check Crafting a great profile and work examples

Almost nothing on the Internet is private. If people want to find out about you, all they have to do is go to Google and type in your name. Count on most employers doing this when considering you for a job. Many will even look you up on social media to see if you have profiles and to look at what you post.

This chapter shows you how to be proactive and have more control over what employers see about you online. You learn to create job seeker profiles so recruiters can find you more easily. You also get guidance on how to showcase your work online. Social media and blogs give you a great platform through which you can share insights and knowledge. If you’re knowledgeable in world affairs, share your opinions and reasoning with others. Do you know about web hosting platforms and the various options available to people wanting to build a website? You can write about this and help others while also impressing your future employer. Did you take a class on how to build financial models to evaluate ...

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