Chapter 8

Preparing Your Résumé and Cover Letter


check Customizing cover letters for the occasion

check Crafting a résumé that gets recruiters’ attention

check Obtaining feedback from experts

Your résumé is the first thing an employer sees. It sets the recruiter’s first impression of you, so you need to make sure your résumé is concise and that it fully reflects what you bring to the organization. No pressure.

Your résumé will pass through automatic screening tools that are looking to filter out irrelevant résumés and select matching ones. It will also be screened quickly by a recruiter, who most likely has piles of dozens of résumés for different positions. Here you learn how to put together a solid résumé that will improve your chances of getting interviews. I cover the basic points that need to be in your résumé and learn tactics that will ensure you stay in the running and don’t get weeded out.

Some employers ask for cover letters where you explain why you want to work for the organization. Others see cover letters as a waste of time, and simply ask for your résumé. In this chapter, you also learn how to put together a cover letter that addresses the key points employers want ...

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