Chapter 11

The Interview


check Behaving professionally in an interview

check Impressing the interviewers

check Being ready for tough questions

check Knowing what to do after the interview

The job interview is your chance to shine. Take advantage of your time with the employer to show that you’re more than a set of skills and knowledge. Here you can highlight your personality, your aspirations, your thought process, and your passion for the job and for the organization. The interview is where you convince the employer that it needs to hire you.

Often, it’s less about the message and more about the delivery. In this chapter, I fill you in on best practices for job interviews — from how to dress to what to ask — in order to gain an edge in your interview. I also explain what types of questions to anticipate. Finally, what you do after the interview is just as important as the interview itself. I offer tips on how to circle back with the interviewers in order to stand out.

You want to make a good impression, and this chapter helps you do exactly that.

Nailing Interview Etiquette

Regardless ...

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